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Photo Page

Bailey, Chief, Midnight & Skippy 

All pictures are copyrighted to 2005 Debbie Graham, unless stated otherwise. Content on this website has been used with permission. 

Graphics may take awhile to download, but it's well worth it.


This is Bailey. She loves to pose for the camera so much that sometimes she starts to come towards me and then I can't focus right. Luckily, I did managed to snap a few good pictures before she was completely out of focus.


This is Midnight when she was only about 5-6 months old.  It was sure hard to believe she weighed up to 17 pounds at one time!


Yes Midnight has one of those pictures too.......hehehe.  I don't have as many as I did with Skippy, Bailey, and Chief.  It usually was kind of hard catching her at the right moment. 


Awwww......dis is one way to get meowmie off da puter!


Here's Bailey in her deer antlers. She doesn't look to happy and that's the reason for the attitude!


Skippy had to get in one the act too. This is his impression of a reindeer. He doesn't look any happier than Bailey!


Oh Boy! Presents! I love Xmas time. I usually need a little help opening my gifts, but hey, that's why us cats have humans.



Being the oldest cat, Skippy can sleep or do anything his little kitty heart pleases. Skippy also got his pictures published in 3 different calendar contests.


Here is Bailey and her new brother, Chief.  Don't they just look soooo cute!


Above is Skippy's 4 month old picture, and below is when Skippy was about 6-7 weeks old.



Here Skippy plays on his 6 ft. treehouse. He has loved it since I brought it home from a cat show several years ago. Bailey now plays and sleeps on it. I sure got my money's worth out of it.


This is Chief with his antlers.  He wasn't as mad about wearing them like Bailey and Skippy


This picture says it ALL!  Posing for playkitty!!


Dust checking out wat dis is! I'm not sure, never seen anything like before. Looks like something I can jump in. Fink meowmie will find me in here!!



Well do I have to say anything about this picture? Bailey just woke up from her cat nap and I was ready with the camera. This is the best laughing picture I ever taken.

Below is 2 pictures that are of Chief and my niece Ally.  She loves to catch Chief and the good thing is, Chief is very good with her.  He has never hissed or tried to scratch her.  I am so proud of Chief, he is just a mellow, loving little guy.




Here is a picture of  It's very hard to find one cat alone, Bailey and Chief are always together, sometimes I think Bailey wants to have "her" quiet time, but Chief doesn't get the hint!



Here's Bailey at about 3-4 months old.  She looked so cute with her big ears........hehehehe.  When I took her to the vet's for the first time, the vet tech laughed and said what big ears, but you will grow into


As you can see, Bailey and Chief are getting along just fine.  I can't believe how close they are to one another.  It is so cute to watch them, but sometimes Chief gets carried away by not leaving Bailey have some quiet time by herself.  He just follows her and if he can't see her, he goes looking for her.  Bailey will try and hide from him when she wants time alone, but that usually doesn't last long and good ole Chief is right there by her side......hehehe.

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