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How I Became A Cat Lover
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How I Became A Cat Lover
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It started back in 1982; when I suddenly became a first time cat owner. A friend at the time brought home this little black kitten who had been thrown in a fire. She had fleas and ear mites along with her injuries from the fire. After a few weeks of tender loving care she healed and had become one of the most beautiful and well behaved cats any cat lover would want. Aside from the time I had to play tug-of-war with her for the loaf of bread and when she hid my ring under her rug by the litterbox, she was well behaved. She grew to a whopping 17 pounds at one time. She loved to take afternoon naps with my dad and till this day I truly believed after he had his stroke, her health went downhill from there. Midnight was 18 years old and her brother Skippy is 16 years old. On August 7th I had to put her to sleep. I spent the whole day just laying on the floor with her until I could get her into the vet's office. I had called my mother at the nursing home where my dad was to ask if he would like to see her since it was a possibility it was going to be the last time he would get to see her. When I took her there he knew too that she was too weak and he told me if I had to put her down to do it. She was down to 5 pounds, dehydrated, sunken in eyes, fluid in her stomach, and plus the fact she couldn't even walk, her hind legs where just too weak.

I was planning to get another kitty before anything happened to Midnight but it didn't work out that way. Bailey came into our home 12 days after Midnight was gone. I felt guilty at first but Bailey helped me with her kitty kisses and love. I sure wished Midnight could have met Bailey, she would have put her in her place. Skippy lets Bailey push him away from his food, Midnight on the other hand, WOULD NEVER let anyone mess with her food.

If it wasn't for Midnight I would have never became a cat lover. I collect Calico Kittens figurines, I have cat t-shirts, bed sheets, throw blankets, comforter, puzzles glued and framed, stuffed cats, xmas ornaments, other figurines, and a scrapbook filled with cat pictures.

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Close your eyes now
my longtime friend
and let this
time of suffering
come to a peaceful end.
We'll walk together
soon, I'm sure,
as winter turns to spring
when snow gives way
to budding leaves
and birds begin to sing,
The gentle breeze
shall call your name
along the water's edge.
For what we shared
and what you meant
shall never be forgot.
Your friendship spans
the years behind
your memory ahead.
You'll always be
there next to me
companion and good friend.

Anthony D'Agnese

If you have any comments about this poem, please contact Anthony D'Agnese.

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Midnight 18 years old

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Below is the award Midnight won in a black cat contest held by an internet cat club, Alley Cats of America. Midnight and another cat were the only 2 deceased cat's in the contest.